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yep one of those days.

i'm having one of those days. one i could quite happily curl into a ball and do nothing. i mean nothing just sit. feeling alone which is stupid cause i'm not. i have great family and great friends all around so i'm not alone. my boy is great to (when hes not trouble,lol) so not alone. but its just one of those days when i wish i had someone who understood me, or not even understood me because to be honest i don't understand me half the time. but just someone to be with someone to just be here.

it maybe cause i'm getting ready to go on a camping holiday and its making me feel like this. i do wonder if this is my life now. to be alone. now i'm not panicked enough to jump on the next warm body and demand forever!!! but will i be with someone again? i know you can never be sure life is life and throws everything and anything at you. will just have to duck and dive and see whats around at the end of it all.

i am tired though. tired of be ok all the time, because i'm not not all the time. sometimes i'm just as panicked as my friends even though it can be for mere minutes but still its there.

its good to post randomness and feel safe from bombardment of questions, to be able to do it and not feel guilty for not keeping it together!

one day at a time, soon another year will be gone, and that thought has just scared me.

oh well......
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life oh life

hello page of journalness!! long time no post ! well randomness of randomness. i have picked up a few new shows since being away and its great they are taking over my life. yayayayay. i am an Evil Regal ! got to work on massive mash up at some point! so peace out
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hello ideas

hello people.

i have finished the kids project and want to move on to something for myself, but little brain stuck.

i have decided to give a go at a cross over vid. but would like to get all these shows into it.

lie to me.

i have some idea how to bring them all together but little bits and bobs.

now bones and x-files can work being a link with fbi and lie to me can as the could be brought into an fbi investigation. also i'm sure i can work house and moonlighting into to.

but i was thinking that blue moon could be investigating the same case but from a different avenue? but to to sure. don't know weare to have them on a diff case which then gets linked with the fbi.

also i have no clue what the case could be so any imput would be great. i know it maybe to much having all thease in one but i feel like giving it a go!
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well its all a bit blah blah blah . really tired a tthe mo. just looked up and have many letters that shouldn't be there but oh well!!!!

no really good at the mo. so much to prepare for and seems so little time.

work is intresting as a lot of change has happened/ happening we will have to see where that goes.

well me thinsk it is bed time.
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mmm injection day

right heading of to the docs now to get lucius jabed. poor little might doesn't know it yet.

but at least his best frind is having it done at the same time.

then they can spend the ret of the day with each other!!!

le tthe joy begin.!!
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cnge of view

well afterthinking i was just going to tidy my lounge i have now changed it all around!! very tired now but am excited as i am going to the cinemar ro see saw 6 yay can't wait.

will worry about the rest of the house tomorrow!!
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brand new day

woke up this morning feeling fine.......

wow what a great day have see a friend and had fun as did the kids. ad i am now co mod on a great comunity. odd things in life still have there moments but things on whole much much better.

i'm looking forward to being involved more with people even it if is through the wondeful world of technology (god bless the internet!!)

happy monday to all and lets hope that tuesday is sunny to! (ignoring the fact that i have work!!)
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(no subject)

i feel really depresed at the moment life is just not playing nice. everything is so negative.
i don't know if i have a future with said person any more which scares me silly. not really for me but for my boy. but can i really do the thing i said i'd never do and saty for the child. keep it normal!? he is the best thing in the world, but i'm not sure if it will have a neagive effect on him after all if i'm living a lie.

i just don't care anymore. no energy...so very low and lonley.
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another day

life is funny everything goes along then everything falls apart in a flash

i don't know what to do anymore. just finding it hard. the other half is not happy but there are some things i can't change or explain. i will go to the doctor as he wants and if she doesn't have the answers then who knows what will happen.
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